Mr. Ning is terrorizing small rural communities in the midwest, and it's up to you to run him out of town.

Use your mouse to point and shoot, and WASD to move around.

Run Ning out of Power, Montana is a top down wave shooter. There are three types of enemies: normal henchmen, Mr. Ning, and Ning in a tank. There are 5 waves of increasing difficulty. Finish all 5 waves to win the game.

The graphics are horrible, but they get the job done, I think. I suck at drawing.


Install instructions

Download the zip, extract it, then run the exe file.


Download 14 MB


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Scored 280, nice work! The music works really well with the pace of the game, and it helped me keep up a higher rate of fire. I loved the little details in the animations, and seeing Mr. Ning's henchmen pile up after a BFG run was great. IMHO it's a little on the easy side, and my only complaint is that it didn't have this sound in it :P

Wouldn't want to be a street cleaner in Power, Montana.